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About VegOilCar

Who are VegOilCar? What are they? What do they do?

So who or what are VegOilCar?

Well, it's a who not what, and it's me, Geoff, the guy who owns the black Toyota Landcruiser you can see above. These days I'm also known as VegOilGuy by a few thousand people on YouTube.

Importantly what you need to know is that:

  • VegOilCar is not a company - it doesn't sell anything or buy anything (so sod off you marketing annoying companies that keep bugging me).
  • VegOilCar does not convert vehicles to run on vegetable oil, it does not sell the equipment.
  • VegOilCar are not mechanics / engineers / diesel experts
  • VegOilCar does not operate any kind of chargeable service.

Well, what is it, I hear you ask...

  • VegOilCar is a free source of information
  • VegOilCar does care about the environment and all things Veg Oil motoring related
  • VegOilCar has helpful links and videos
  • VegOilCar will offer free help and advice to anyone who's interested wherever it can.

Who are VegOilCarI created VegOilCar about 12 months after I first started running my car on Vegetable oil. I care about the environment and wanted to do my bit, but as I haven't the means to plant a few million trees, etc, I thought I'd try to make life easier for others who may want to do the same as me. By doing this, I hope, I'm making a contribution... helping lower pollutants, lower emissions, decreasing the use of fossil fuels, increasing the use of bio fuels, etc. I know it's a lofty statement, but if just one other person follows my route, then it's a good start.

As such the information provided on this page is done so freely.

If you have any questions and need a little guidance, I will happily do what I can to help - but as I say, I'm not a company, I don't charge, I'm certainly no expert, so please take my advice the same as you would off any other caring acquaintance and - before you make any life changing decisions - do your own research.

I do provide the occasional link to other websites / businesses. I don't do this for profit (no one's ever offered me any money, worse luck!), but again I do this to help others. The companies I mention were recommended to me because of my interest in all things Veg Oil motoring, and I list them in good faith. So...

  • If you hear of GOOD companies do work in this field, let me know and I'll list their details freely on my site for their own good and yours.
  • Similarly if you hear anything BAD about such companies, let me know and I'll react accordingly.

So, to sum up - not a company, sell-nothing, not mechanics, do care about environment, do care about veg oil motoring, am happy to help.

Feel free to contact me if you need help.

Help me...

As I say, I'm not a company, so you can help me spread the good word in two ways...

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel... this encourages YouTube to list my videos
  2. Donate a couple of pounds... purely optional of course.

Neither of the above is compulsory, but either or both certainly do help.

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“Generosity isn´t an act. It´s a way of life” - Chip Ingram
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