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About My Toyota Landcruiser Veg Oil Car

I love my car, I really do, but many consider me an environmental vandal and a gas guzzler because of it.

Who are VegOilCarMy car is a 2005 LC4 Toyota Landcruiser diesel. It's big, very comfortable and spacious enough within to hold 8 people. The downside to this is that it consumes a gallon of diesel every 25 miles, so it's not ideal from an environmental standpoint.

But as I said, I love my car, and frankly I don't want to part with it. So instead of rushing out to buy a Prius, I opted to do whatever I could to keep my precious Landy on the road, and that involved a search for Greener Fuels than standard diesel.

I eventually settled on converting my Toyota Landcruiser to run on conventional cooking / vegetable oil instead of diesel and to date it's not a decision I've regretted. But I'm getting ahead of myself... I was sick of being called a Gas Guzzler...

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