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WVO Fine Filtering and Storage (Stage 2)

Filtering WVO by Settling is a two stage process. The first stage is rough filtering to 100 microns followed by settling (leaving it alone to stand untouched) for at least 2 tweaks (I prefer 4 weeks), which allows the fatty deposit to separate. The second stage occurs after the settling process is complete and here the WVO is fine filtered to its finished level.

Filtering WVO - Creating and using a Settling TankBefore I discuss further my Settling Tank, please note that I've been refining my methods for a number of years now. Whilst the below is still valid and useful, you may find it advantageous to watch my YouTube Video on the subject first.

In the video (which you can see here) I discuss the various methods I describe later on but speak with far more experience and give helpful tips that might not yet be within these pages. So please, save yourself some time and view my video first. Then if you need more details, you'll find these here.


How To Fine Filter WVO

Fine filtering settled WVO is a simple process using filter socks. Don't think of the socks that keep your feet warm; think instead of a wind sock - that's more the shape. Filter socks are cylindrical sleeves made from varying grades of filter material. They usually contain a metal ring at one end (that gives you something sturdy to hang them off) and the other is sealed.

I get my socks (also called bags) from eBay (where else?) and I include the link in the hope that this eBayer continues to provide these excellent, quality products.

WVO Filtering Settling Tank SetupWVO is poured into the filter socks and, as the name implies, the veg oil is filtered through them, dripping or running through to a container.

My WVO Filtering Set Up - Stage Two - The Fine Filtering / Storage

Below you'll see a sketch of my Fine Filtering / Storage Tank. The tank is 220 litre barrel, purchased from eBay that had already been used to transport foodstuffs around the globe. It's large, strong and recycled!


If you've already seen the design of my Settling Tank, you'll notice there's not much different going on here. Basically the tap / outlet is a little further down the barrel and there's no float feed. The reasons for this are explained more clearly in my detailed review of my fine filtering / storage tank,

The WVO Fine Filtering Process

WVO Filtering Sock
I bought my filter socks from eBay

This really is simplicity itself; the settled WVO is poured into the filter socks which drip into the storage barrel. That's it. Thankfully no rocket science is required.

Obviously you need to be careful with your choice of filter socks.

Avoid Clogging - Use Stages Of Filtration

You can get them at varying grades of filter sock and I use, in order:

  • 25 microns
  • 10 microns
  • 5 microns
  • 1 micron

Many folk only filter to 5 microns, but I go that little bit further. I love my car and I want it to have the best I can give it. So yes, I'm fussy...

You may ask why I use four filters? Why not just you the one? Couldn't you just pour the WVO straight into a 1 micron sock and be done with it?

No you can't. If you did you filter bag would clog within minutes and you'd get little if any filtered WVO for your trouble. But by breaking the filtering into stages, 25 then 10 then 5, etc, you avoid this clogging and get the results you're after.

I bought my filter socks from eBay and I include this link in the hope that this guy is still providing these excellent products.

Sort Your Socks

I've come across people who filter their stages separately, through 25, then filter through 10, then again through 5, etc, which to me is crazy. There's a much easier way - put one sock inside another and filter all at once. Starting with the finest graded sock (in my case 1 micron) place the next finest sock inside it, then the next and the next. This way when you pour in your oil it will drain through the filer socks in order (25 microns down to 1 micron).


If you filter straight into your storage tank, as I do, then all you need to do is let the socks do their work. Tap off the stored oil whenever you need it and make sure you organise a nice routine so that you've always got WVO settling and plenty in the storage tank.

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