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5110 Days of genuine trouble-free motoring on veg oil from 18th June 2008 to 16th June 2022 - read more

My Veg Oil Car

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One man's exploration of diesel to vegetable oil conversion... and proving it can be done!

If you're here, you probably have questions like:

  • Can you run a diesel engine on vegetable / cooking oil?
  • Is it legal to run a veg oil car? Is it dangerous?
  • Will if affect my vehicle insurance?
  • Will your engine run smoothly or blow up on the first turn of the key?

This site tells the story of converting my diesel car to run on vegetable oil (including Waste Veg Oil). In so doing it hopefully answers the questions posed above along with many others you may have.

Just An Ordinary Guy

I’m not a company. This isn’t my business. I don’t sell anything to do with fuel conversion systems, neither do I have anything to do with such companies. I’m just an ordinary person who asked “Should I convert my diesel engine to run on vegetable oil?”

I received so many conflicting answers to that question that in the end I decided there was only one course of action - to do it and see what happened. It was a gamble from the off as conversion isn’t cheap, but there were reasons why I wanted to convert, and those I’ll cover later. For now all you need to realise is that in 2008, I took my 2005 Toyota Landcruiser diesel car and had it converted to run on vegetable oil, the sort you’d happily cook your chips in.

If you're interested in doing something similar to your vehicle, perhaps you saw the Chop Shop - Angry Frog episode, then hopefully the content of this website will help you make a sensible, informed decision.


Please look out for my other website where I list a few projects and tutorials that may be of interest. These aren't necessarily Veg Oil or even Car related (though some are) but they match my varied interests and love of making things, like DRLs, fitting head units, etc. You can get a fair idea from the very brief intro video below.

Contacting Me

I do welcome questions but I do ask that you please read this website first. There's only so many times you can answer the same question and say, 'Have you looked on my website at so and so?' - so please read first, question second... and a subscription to my YouTube Channel is always nice

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