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I provide my websites, tutorials, downloads and plans free of charge because I enjoy doing so. But with that said, it ain't cheap. Feeding my appetite for new builds and those of my subscribers is a demanding task and one that I'm happy to try to maintain - but we've all got bills to pay, right? That's the reason you see those occasional Adverts throughout this site - every little helps.

If you would like to make a voluntary contribution securely online right now with PayPal, then please click this button:

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  • You decide on the donation amount
  • There's no need for repeat payments (that's a PayPal thing... ) but if you're so inclined, God bless you!
  • There's no refunds! please be sure before you give.
  • Any money received will be used to maintain my websites and enable me to offer free advice, tips and projects shared on this site and on YouTube.

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Alternatively, if you can spare a little each month, consider becoming a Patron. Patron's make it possible for me to continue developing my YouTube Channel and my websites. Please CLICK HERE for more information.


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