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5110 Days of genuine trouble-free motoring on veg oil from 18th June 2008 to 16th June 2022 - read more

The Conversion

On the 18th June 2008 I had an ATG conversion system fitted to my car by DieselVeg (DieselVeg no longer trade - click here for other fitters). They talked me through what to expect, warned me about switching the system off shortly before a journey's end (see my painful experiences), gave me proof of professional fitting, etc, and sent me on my way. My experience was a good one.

For anyone wondering, it took about 3 hours and involved me walking away like an expectent father. But it was not really any different to any other mechanical service. The engine remained fixed in the car, there were no radical noises, no sparks or demoic chanting. It was as uneventful as you can get.

But that day I got to drive home on Vegetable Oil for the first time. I remembered convinicing myself that the engine sounded just slightly quieter, but otherwise nothing had changed.

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